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How it's Going


On January 29th, I announced my campaign to represent Cottage Grove, Hastings, Denmark Township, and Nininger Township in the Minnesota House of Representatives! For months, I was encouraged to run for this office by several Minnesotan leaders and dear friends. 

Supported by friends and family and motivated by my community’s need for representation in St. Paul, I took the leap and registered our campaign committee with the Campaign Finance Board.

Let’s go Jen Fox for House!


February is always the shortest month, but it flew by quicker this year than ever before! By mid-February, the Jen Fox for House Committee members were assembled and ready to work.

We made a campaign website, created social media pages, started an Act Blue page (donate today!), and attended the district’s primary caucuses. Our goals for this month were to make an election season game plan and spread the word about our campaign! Accordingly, February marked the beginning of my “call time” journey. With guidance from a few organizations, I started cold calling people to ask for their support. It takes loads of time, but it is a fun process to engage and work with people on this level… turns out: I love call time! 

For over a decade, discussing local issues has been part of my job description, but I’ve been doing it for much longer because it’s important to me that I understand and help find solutions to my community’s needs. By calling my friends and neighbors to ask for their support, I’ve had the opportunity to hear voters’ specific concerns and discuss potential solutions. 

Pro tip: Create a new contact with my name (Jen Fox) and number (651-726-4832) so you know who’s calling…talk to you soon!


We’re endorsed! In March, the campaign was recognized by Women Winning and the Minnesota DFL for our commitment to equality, freedom, and autonomy. At the DFL endorsement convention, I was honored to be nominated by former Senator Karla Bigham and spoke in front of many community members about my motivations for running and intentions for my time in office. 

I was also thrilled to receive an endorsement from Women Winning, an organization that I’ve admired since its inception in 2007. My admiration for powerful women in my life—political leaders and otherwise-–has only grown since starting to work with them, and I am so grateful!

Speaking of exceptional women, this month I connected with Lucia Wroblewski, an incredible candidate for MN House District 41A. Lucia, a retired St. Paul police officer and current Afton City Councilmember, hopes to serve the northern side of our district, including Lake Elmo, Afton, Lakeland, and parts of Cottage Grove. I’m eager to introduce you to Lucia and her wonderful team at one of the many local events we’ll be attending this summer!


This month, a handful of incredible friends put on the campaign’s first two fundraising parties! At one event, I was thrilled to catch up with a long-time hero, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who currently directs the Minneapolis Department of Public Works. Margaret was formerly the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Speaker of the House for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Leaders like Margaret inspired me to work in public service, and it’s been an honor to work alongside them as I campaign for office. 

I was glad to see many friendly faces at our other fundraising party, too, including several educators, healthcare workers, and family friends who support our campaign because they know that I’ll be a driven, passionate voice for our community. My team and I also attended a candidate training session in April, where we learned even more about field work, finance planning, and general campaign management. What a month!


We kicked off May with another fundraising event, and this one was a PCR call party. We gathered the team and a few enthusiastic friends to call people in our contacts and tell them about Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund Program. The PCR allows Minnesotans to donate $75 to a party or candidate of their choosing and receive a full refund from the State. (Couples can file jointly and get their combined $150 back!) After a successful call party, the campaign had three more fundraising events this month – one of which took place at The Studio Downtown in Hastings and featured a Jen Fox for House jingle choreographed and performed by my superstar niece, Zoey… video coming soon! 

On May 21st, I joined leaders all over the state in officially filing for candidacy. Minnesota House of Representatives, here I come! We spent the last weekend of May door knocking – which we’ll be doing all summer and would LOVE your help with! We enjoyed Cottage Grove’s Hmong Sports Festival where the food and athletics were fantastic, not to mention the incredible people we met there! Thanks to everyone who’s been following the campaign so far, and we can’t wait to see you this summer.


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