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The Issues


Our communities rely on the upkeep of infrastructure to ensure our safety and maximize our success. Jen Fox knows the importance of using state funding to maintain roads, bridges, sidewalks, and other elements of hard infrastructure in our state. By improving access to safe transportation for all, including bikers, wheelchair users, and people who frequent public transit, increased focus on infrastructure needs in our communities will help pursue equity for deserving Minnesotans.

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MPR News

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Anna Botz via Friends of the Mississippi River

Clean Water

Many Minnesotans encounter vulnerable groundwater--water that is easily contaminated by nitrate in the soil--on a daily basis. Local farmers and agronimists are developing nitrogen management practices to protect District 41 from unsafe drinking water but will require sufficient funding to implement these strategies. Fox will fight for state funding of Best Management Practices (BMP) to ensure that our communities have clean drinking water. 


The betterment of our communities is encouraged through financial support from the state, but until last May, it had been almost three years since Minnesota passed a bonding bill. For our infrastructure needs to be handled in a timely manner and with adequate funding, Minnesotans must be represented by leaders who believe that every voice matters. If elected, Jen Fox will prioritize collaboration between leaders and their communities to ensure that the public's priorities are reflected in the government's actions. 

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